Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to LUNARPHILE!

This is the journal of a man obsessed with taking pictures of the moon since August 18. 2007 in preparation for the total lunar eclipse of August 27, 2007. I originally thought that I would take a few decent shots of the moon every now and then after loosing interest in using my newly acquired DSLR like I have so many other hobbies. With over 60,000 moon images in my catalog I can say that I have definitely not lost interest in shooting the moon as often as I can. Now I'm starting the long process of sharing the moments I've captured over the past 2 years and will continue for a long time into the future.

But first you are probably asking "What is a LUNARPHILE?"

LUNAR comes from the Latin lunaris, or luna, referring to the moon

PHILE in its adjective form comes from the Latin -philos meaning "lover"

Together LUNARPHILE is the perfect word for "moon lovers" around the world, regardless of sex, race, religion, favorite sports team, political party, or camera manufacturer preference. I am looking to connect with other LUNARPHILES around the world to provide high quality moon imagery for your living spaces and visual pleasure. The same way that random strangers I meet on the street while shooting the moon will talk to me about their lunar thoughts, I hope to connect with people from all corners of the globe to share my growing collection with.

I intend to release a months worth of lunar content from my archive every week for the rest of the year. While it is impossible to shoot the moon every day due to weather conditions, work and social commitments, and sleep schedules, I do try to capture a wide range of phases every lunar cycle in a varying range of sky conditions from dusk till dawn and every hour inbetween. From waxing gibbous moons in the afternoon sky, to full moons lighting up the night, to waning crescents rising minutes before the sun, I hope to show the changing beauty of the moon in the earth sky, day and night.

With that said, lets get on to the first month of moon images from 2009 in my next entry!