Friday, February 18, 2011

The Eclipse Dozen - Full Moons of 2010 Collage

I am proud to announce a second year of successfully capturing all the full moons with the release of my "Full Moons of 2010" collage.

Using my 1000mm lens setup and my Canon XTi & T2i bodies I was able to capture the 12 full moons of 2010 AND the two lunar eclipses. The same as last year this collage is a 40"x60" at 300DPI master that is only available in 24"x36" size through my site at this time.

Unlike last year capturing most of these full moon images was relatively easy. Only one month, the 03.29.2010 "Worm" moon presented a challenge due to cloud cover. There was actually pretty thick cloud cover on both evenings of lunar eclipses but thankfully there was an hour or so period of clearings in the clouds which allowed unobstructed image capture.